Lisa’s 2013 MIT Morgan Award

For over 20 years Lisa volunteered as an MIT Educational Councilor. In this role, she helped identify qualified students, encouraged talented students to apply, interviewed prospective students, and assisted students with their MIT applications.

In the spring of this year, Lisa was notified that she was a 2013 MIT George Morgan Educational Council Award recipient in honor of her dedicated and outstanding service.

The annual awards dinner was held on September 28, 2013 at MIT’s Walker Memorial Building. Ana, Elena, and I were invited to accept Lisa’s award in her stead.

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6 Responses to Lisa’s 2013 MIT Morgan Award

  1. Ed and Mary Ann says:

    How wonderful and special and moving….Mary Ann

  2. What a wonderful tribute and legacy…….oooxxx

  3. jackie dubiel says:

    Congratulations!!! So glad you’ve received this honor of Lisa….you must all be so proud…as I am proud to have known her.

    God Bless you all.



  4. michump says:

    Truly a great woman, mother, and friend. May she continue to smile on you and on us all.
    Our love and affection to you,

  5. Timothy Schloemer says:

    Fantastic Scott, Ana and Elena! I am so honored to have known Lisa. Her legacy carries on and on for generations to come. Love, Tim, Denise, Daniel and Elsa

  6. Danny McInnes and Janet says:

    Wonderful, You must be so proud, always in our thoughts lots of love Danny McInnes and Janet xxxx

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