Lisa’s Memorial Video

After my first date with Lisa, I wrote a letter to my college roommate, Tinker, stating that I had met the girl I could marry.

“She gorgeous, rides motorcycles, flies airplanes, skis, and scuba dives. She’s a concert pianist. Oh, and did I mention, she has a bachelor’s and master’s from MIT and she’s getting a PhD.”

I’m sure that Tink thought I was dreaming. However, I wasn’t dreaming.

And, as strange as it may sound, Lisa was not the girl of my dreams.

She wasn’t the girl of my dreams because, in my wildest dreams, I could never have dreamt up someone as amazing as her.

People say that everything happens for a reason or that God works in mysterious ways. Those things might be true, but I also believe that we are all here on Earth for a reason. God had put us here for a purpose. Fulfilling that purpose is up to us, through our actions and deeds. We might not know what that purpose is, but God does, and when we complete our earthly duty, its time to move on. As hard as it is for us to comprehend why God has taken Lisa from us, God has done so because her mission here on Earth is complete.

Although we may feel that Lisa’s life was cut short, I believe that she left us because God needs her more than we do.

God has big plans for her.

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8 Responses to Lisa’s Memorial Video

  1. Steve Lewers says:

    Scott, I’m in tears reading this. Seeing all those pictures of you two.. and the girls..made me realize how much I missed by knot knowing her better. But it was a joy to have known her as well as did. Steve

  2. Alison Harp says:

    I love what you wrote, Scott! And she was so giving and eager to be generous, its no doubt her destiny for this earthly life had been fulfilled! Continuing to pray for you and the girls..

  3. michaelconley says:

    Brilliant Scott. You both are amazing people and have inspired me in many ways. This blogpost is not the least. 🙂
    Thanks for carrying her legacy on so well. You are a star!



  4. Lisa C says:

    Scott , This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing these intimate moments with us. Lisa will be alive in my memories for a long time. I loved her dearly and my family did as well.

    Love, Lisa C.

  5. michump says:

    I believe that love is constant in this world and beyond this world. Siobhan, you, Ana, & Elena showed that love and you continue to show it as does Siobhan in heaven. We miss her so… I thank God you have been and continue to be part of our lives. I truly admired your devotion to each other and family as I observed you solve life’s problems, take time for family vacations, and always put a happy positive foot forward, a truly loving team. Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories!
    Much love,
    The Humphries – Michael, Brenda, Lindsay, & Jenny

  6. Danny McInnes and Janet says:

    Oh Scott what a wonderful video, We are SO pleased we met her that time in Scotland. Thank you for sharing this with us, and the part meeting her mum had us choaked. lots of love to you all take care Janet and Danny xxx

  7. Pia says:

    I dreamt of her recently, her smile was so big and bright. I needed to come back and watch this again xoxoxo

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