Four Weeks of In-Home Hospice Care

Four weeks have gone by since Lisa was admitted to the in-home hospice program. I can’t believe how fast the time has passed.

The hospice folks have been wonderful, providing as much, or as little, support as we request. A nurse comes by three or so times a week to check Lisa’s condition and bring or order any supplies or medicines we may need. An aide drops by a couple days a week to massage lotion onto Lisa’s legs, give her a sponge bath, or just be with her so I can run errands. Volunteers come over anytime we may need some extra help.

Her pain seems to be fairly well managed, but she is starting to complain of pain in more areas of her body (neck, throat, ribs, back, belly), especially when I need to move her while changing cloths or bedding. Since she can’t swallow, she receives her pain meds through an IV, which allows us to easily give her an extra shot of meds to help deaden the pain.

Lisa is exhibiting several signs that indicate she is entering her final days. She has no appetite and has not eaten anything in a couple weeks. Swallowing is very difficult and painful. Eating ice chips or sipping water results in a coughing fit, which limits her ability to intake fluids. Needless to say, she is extremely weak and emaciated. Her ability to talk and concentrate has declined severely. She spends most of her time resting comfortably in bed drifting in and out of sleep.

When she is awake and aware, she continues to be as upbeat as always even though she knows that she is dwindling slowly away.

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6 Responses to Four Weeks of In-Home Hospice Care

  1. Tim Schloemer says:

    Thank you for sharing, Scott. Please know that we think of you often and that we are available for anything you may need. Daniel has been texting with the girls and knows more than I do. I’m happy that they’ve been staying in touch.
    We wish Lisa peace and grace in the coming days. Her positive attitude will always be an inspiration for all of us. Please take care, Tim, Denise, Daniel and Elsa

  2. Cathy Baglio says:

    Thank you for the update Scott,

    You are all in our thoughts daily. I pray for Lisa’s comfort and ease. If and when you need any thing please let us know. Our love to you all, Cathy

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  3. Joyce and David Chiulli says:

    We pray for ease of swallowing, peace, comfort, and lack of pain for Lisa. Lisa is an extraordinary person. She is too good a person to have all this happen to her. We pray for strength for you, Ana, and Elena during these sad, scary, difficult days. Try to stay strong and cheerful, and keep reminiscing with Lisa about all the wonderful times you have had through the years as a family, even If she is too weak to contribute. You are one amazing family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Joyce and David Chiulli, Peterborough, NH

  4. Alison Harp says:

    Your and Lisa’s strength through this long trial is awe inspiring. The endurance it has taken to withstand the heartache is inconceivable… May you all feel Gods presence during this most difficult time. May she know Jesus is ever present, May you all feel His love and compassion for your situation.

  5. My heart is breaking that you all have to go through this.
    -with love,

  6. Dear Scott and Lisa–I stumbled upon a post about Lisa yesterday on Facebook. I am beyond saddened by what I have read and have tried to piece the events together to the point where I think I have an understanding of what has unfolded–although I cannot possibly understand why. Obviously, so much has happened since I last spoke to you, Scott, a few years ago. Lisa and I shared so much while we grew up and our mother’s were alive–always hearing the latest, and then we drifted apart without their bond.
    I will keep y’all in my prayers…knowing that even though we can’t possibly understand why this is happening, we do know that the Everlasting Arms will continue to hold you and keep you from falling. May God and His Son wrap all of you in peace–emotionally and physically as you finish this journey.

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