In-Home Hospice Care

This was a very difficult post to write. I started it in several different ways, none of which seemed satisfactory. So I’ll just say it straight out. Yesterday afternoon, Lisa was admitted to an in-home hospice program.

MGH last visitHer weakness, fatigue, weight loss, and metastatic disease, have all progressed to the point where in-home hospice care is the best option for her at this time. This program will allow her to remain at home and still get the palliative care, nursing services, and equipment required to make her as comfortable as possible.

For the past year or so, her weight has been continually declining. I’m guessing that she is down to about 100 pounds, but we don’t know for sure since she is so weak that she can’t stand on the scale by herself. The last accurate reading was 104 a couple of weeks ago. The recent colitis (bowel inflammation) episode seems to have subsided, but she still experiences periodic nausea and belly pain, especially after eating. Obviously, this hinders her ability to maintain or gain weight.

Due to weakness and fatigue, someone needs to support her anytime she is on her feet. Since the short trip to the bathroom will exhaust her, she spends much of her time in bed. Because getting her into and out of bed is a struggle, hospice is delivering a hospital bed to the house today. This bed will be a much more convenient when helping her move around and should be much more comfortable for her due to its adjustability.

She has been off of treatment for just over a month and there is evidence of disease progression. One can easily see and feel enlarged lymph nodes on the left side of her neck and she does complain about pain in this area. She hasn’t had any scans recently, but I fear that other affected areas are beginning to progress as well.

Unfortunately, she is too weak to be considered for another course of treatment at this time. And, the fact of the matter is that, there are no good treatment options left. The quiver is empty.

Not surprisingly, Lisa continues to remain positive and in good spirits.

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34 Responses to In-Home Hospice Care

  1. Nsstevens says:

    Lisa and Scott, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all right now. Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do. Love to Ana and Elana.

    Love, Nancy, Craig and Nicole

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  2. Pam Kedderis says:

    Sending thoughts, prayers and love to Lisa, you , and the whole family. Always stay positive -it makes a huge difference.

  3. Lana and David Holliday says:

    Dear Scott,
    Our hearts truly go out to you and the twins. We pray for Siobhan’s peace and comfort, and for your strength and courage in going through this. You two have been through so much and your love shines through every time. My image of you two is when you were at Grant’s Hawaiian birthday party years ago wearing the hula skirts on your heads and your arms around each other. Makes me smile when I think of it even through the tears.

    As you know we are here for you and the twins. So I know you won’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything. May you be blessed and feel the love around you.

    With love in our hearts,
    Lana, David, and Grant

  4. Dear Lisa,

    I am very sorry to receive this disheartening message earlier today. I want you to know that I am thinking of you often, and that I am very grateful that we managed to find each other again this past year. Kristin and I continue to be in regular contact, and have become very close friends once again after so many years. We think of you often, and wish you the best.

    With love, Bob Harper

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  5. I wish you, Lisa and the girls grace, peace and meaning during this difficult time.


  6. Lana Holliday says:

    Dear Siobhan,

    I didn’t mean to leave you out of the greeting and best wishes. Of course, you are forefront on my mind and I love you so much. Please forgive me.



  7. Love to you Lisa, and the family…you are one amazing woman!
    Love to you all, Lisa Derby Oden

  8. Jackie Fischer says:

    This is very sad news, but Lisa – you are my hero. You are a warrior and your positive attitude is amazing. Love you. Love to Scott and the girls, too.

    Love Jackie

  9. Ewan McInnes says:

    I Love You.

    Ewan R.McInnes

  10. Tim Schloemer says:

    Hi Scott, Lisa and the girls,
    Thank you for the update and know that we love you all sooo much! Denise, Elsa, Daniel and I are willing to help out in any way possible. Lisa is a true warrior who believes in science and she know that others will benefit from her courageous journey. We are standing at the ready to help. Please keep us posted and we wish you peace and grace in the next few weeks.
    Love, Tim, Denise, Daniel and Elsa

  11. marie helin says:

    Lisa,Scott and girls,
    We are so sad to hear of this update…please know we will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if you need anything. Xoxoxo

    Marie,Ralph & Ryan

  12. Lauren Christopher says:

    Love you Lisa! Freshman roommates forever (MIT rocks)! You are treasured and well loved.

    Prayers for this difficult time.


  13. Alison Harp says:

    This is heartbreaking..I hope you guys all know I love you all. You have been there for me many times over as a family and I hope you can feel I would do anything you need. Let God comfort and guide you in this heart wrenching direction you must travel! May His peace and mercy give you all the grace you require!

  14. Jackie says:

    Dear Lisa/Siobhan, Scott,
    Thank you for the update, I can imagine how hard it was to write this. Please know you are all in my prayers during this difficult time. Lisa, you come from a very brave family….I saw it in your dad, and I see it in you. Your positive attitude is amazing… are truly an outstanding woman. God Bless you Lisa….and Bless you all during this terrible journey.

    With love and prayers for you all,

  15. Erin McInnes Crane says:

    I love you. We love you. We send all our love and prayers for you.

  16. Carla Portelli says:

    Lisa and Scott – we were so sad to read your update. Lisa – no one has fought harder than you – you are a true hero. May you and the family find peace in the days ahead.

    Your cousins in Boston –

  17. Ruth Boghosian says:

    Dear Lisa and Scott,
    I am so sorry to receive this very sad update. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Ruth

  18. Mary Ferris says:

    Scott and Lisa,
    I’m sending you and the girls more love, thoughts,and prayers than you could ever imagine! Lisa, you are the most beautiful and courageous woman I know. I love you so very much! My life was forever blessed the day I met you! Please let me know what I can do to help. And may God bring you all comfort and peace.
    With all my love always, Mair

  19. Wendy LaRoche says:

    Lisa, your joy of life has been a big teacher for many of us and Scott’s tender love for you such a great reminder of what marriage is really all about. I am sure that Love will continue to surround you and your family forever and ever. ~ Wendy LaRoche (SLA)

  20. michump says:

    I want you to know that our family loves your family. I truly admire what you have accomplished in your life and your ‘can do’ attitude in everything you confront. Feel very good about how you and Scott have created a great home for yourselves and Ana and Elena. Keep the positive attitude. Know that we will be there if you call. Our prayers include you all!
    Much love,
    Michael, Brenda, Lindsay, & Jenny

  21. Nance Hall says:

    Lisa & Scott,
    All our love from the folks here at SL&A, you are both my heros! Sending light, love and prayers.

  22. Dear Siobhan and Scott, Your love and courage shines through the difficult words above. Thank you for sharing both the ups and downs of this journey, the light and the dark, reminding us that every moment of life contains both. There is more love and support surrounding you than you can imagine as you make your way through this unknown territory. I will include you both in my prayers. Sending love, Katrina

  23. Bob Anderson says:

    Dear Lisa and Scott,
    I am heartbroken to hear this news. The love you guys have for each other is truly very inspirational, and the class and courage you both have shown in battling this disease is a great testament to your extraordinary character. I am speechless; I can’t seem to find the right words.

    Lisa, I have a lot of great memories of you during our high school years in Naugatuck. You were always a ray of sunshine whenever I saw you. Anyone who knows you is truly a blessed person. Judging by all the comments I see here, you continue to be a blessing to those around you.

    I still drive by your house in Naugatuck on occasion and think of the PF years. Remember the movies we made? PF retreats? You should know that Lory Doughty and Lois Detlefsen send their love to you as well. I see them regularly at church and I told them about this.

    I pray that God will be with you and your family during this difficult journey. We are praying for you and your family.

    Scott, if there is anything I can do for you or your family, please let me know.


  24. Genevieve says:

    Scott and Lisa and Ana and Elena,

    I am so so sorry to hear this.. I love you guys, and I miss you all. I’m sad that we’ve been so far apart for so long and I haven’t been able spend more time with you. I think about you all the time.


  25. Joyce and David Chiulli says:

    Dear Scott, Lisa, Ana, and Elena,
    We are heartbroken to hear your latest news.
    Lisa has dealt with her illness with unbelievable grace and positivity, and has continued to smile, laugh, be happy, stay positive, and see the goodness and beauty in life. Lisa is an incredible person, and you are all a circle of strength, surrounding her with love, joy, laughter, and happiness. You are a beautiful family with incredibly warm, supportive, huge love for one another. Your love will surely shine through this difficult time.
    I am mostly in MA right now working on our Belmont house in between tenants. On the days I am back in Peterborough, I will contact you to see if there is anything I can do to help you.
    Try to stay strong ….and keep smiling, even if it is through the tears.
    Sending love, hugs, and prayers,
    Joyce and David Chiulli
    and of course the kitties Jakey and Jenny

  26. Danny McInnes and Janet says:

    We are just so sad to hear this news, Our thoughts and love are with you all, from all in the UK and Scotland

  27. Lisa C says:

    Please give her a big hug and a kiss from me. Make sure she knows how much her friendship has meant to me and how much I admire her accomplishments: her musical talent and her mathematical abilities are amazing. We have been friends since 1973 so this news is truly painful for me. Much love to everyone. Love Lisa and Family

  28. Cris says:

    Dear Lisa, I just read this post…the years have passed but the memories of NDA are forever in our hearts. I am saddened to hear this news- you and your family are in my prayers. Peace to you, Cris Cirillo NDA ’76

  29. Ann Ciaccio Sabbagh says:

    Lisa, so many great NDA memories and our post-NDA talks, though infrequent, were a total catch up of the years gone by. You took the reins for the 1st class reunion. Always ready to volunteer! So sad to hear of this news, but I know, that along with your family, your positive spirit and your brains will be your strength. You and your family are in my prayers. God bless you! Love, Ann Ciaccio Sabbagh

  30. Joe Pellegrino says:

    Praying extra hard that God fill you and your family with the grace to deal with this heavy cross. You are an inspiration to me Lisa; the love you and your husband have for each other, the pride and love you have for your daughters, your strength and beauty throughout – you’e a remarkable person!

  31. Linda Lebel says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I am extremely sad to read this update. I’m sorry that I’ve just learned about this & somehow not paid attention sooner… I don’t keep up on my emails or FaceBook, & this slipped past me.

    Your news is so sad, and I marvel at how you and Scott have dealt with all this. You are amazing… The grace you have exhibited is awe-inspiring!

    I haven’t talked to you since the NDA reunion you organized. Thank you for that! Our time there, in classes, in “The Music Man,” the prom, our trip to Bermuda… So many lovely memories.

    I am and have been so proud of you, Lisa! Your brilliance in school and career, your marriage and children, your love of life,… You are and always have been an incredible person! I am grateful to have you as a friend.

    My prayers are with you and your family. I know how loved you are, and that this planet is a better place because of you.

    I love you,
    Linda Lebel

  32. Amy Conley says:

    Thank you Lisa and Scott for the gifts of your presence. Always able to make people laugh in the midst of your struggles, always there for each other and the girls, always loving towards your friends and family. We are indeed blessed to know all of you, thank you for the gift of yourselves. We are thinking of you daily, seeing your photo on our fridge, and hoping for your peace and calm strength. Hugs to Ana and Elena from us also. love, amy and michael

  33. Michael Conley says:

    Dear Siobhan and Scott, Ana and Elena,
    Thank you so much for your inspiring love for each other and the grace and humor that you have brought to our lives. We have gained so much through knowing all of you and send you our deepest love and sympathy during this difficult time. You are in our prayers!


  34. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Siobhan, Scott, Ana, and Elena,
    There are no adequate words. I am heart broken to hear the latest news. Siobhan, you have always been such a tower of strength and guiding light. You and Scott are the finest example of family love and grace. Sending you all love and sympathy.
    Love, Elizabeth

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