Lisa’s Back Home, Yippee!

After a three day stay at MGH the colitis afflicting Lisa subsided enough for her to return home. She is feeling much better and is extremely happy to be back to the peace and quite of the lakeside. Even though there is still inflammation in her colon, she is able to tolerate a very mild diet. To help speed her recovery, she is on a course of steroids to reduce the swelling and she is still off the trial drug, GDC-0032.

We will see her oncologist next week to discuss the available options for treating the metastatic disease.

Thank you everyone for your comments, thoughts, and prayers.

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5 Responses to Lisa’s Back Home, Yippee!

  1. We’re so thankful for this news…we’re praying for you and send our love and hugs…Terry

  2. Ed and Mary Ann says:

    We missed seeing her at MGH since she returned home so quickly.

    Looking ahead for some more positive news…thanks for the updates and please give her and everyone our love.

    Mary Ann and Ed Kazanjian

  3. Maureen Meehan says:

    So happy to hear….keep on fighting!!!

  4. Steve Lewers says:

    Terrific news that you’re home, Sio. Wish we could keep the next heat wave from greeting you, but it is what it is. Get well, be well, let us know the scoop! Steve

  5. Jackie Fischer says:

    Yea – glad they tamed the colitis into submission – that sounds horrible and painful!! And glad she’s home! 🙂

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