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In-Home Hospice Care

This was a very difficult post to write. I started it in several different ways, none of which seemed satisfactory. So I’ll just say it straight out. Yesterday afternoon, Lisa was admitted to an in-home hospice program. Her weakness, fatigue, … Continue reading

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Lisa’s Back Home, Yippee!

After a three day stay at MGH the colitis afflicting Lisa subsided enough for her to return home. She is feeling much better and is extremely happy to be back to the peace and quite of the lakeside. Even though … Continue reading

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Colitis Interuptuses GDC-0032

GDC-0032 is in a new class of cancer treatment drugs know as “targeted therapy”. The name refers to the fact that these drugs primarily focus on cancer cells, leaving healthy cells alone. For over 6 months, Lisa has been on … Continue reading

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