Happy Birthday Lisa!

2013 spring hot tubWe could not have asked for better weather for Lisa’s birthday. The sun is out and the temperature should hit near 70! Perfect for a soak in the hot tub while enjoying the view of the mountain with its trees turning green.

She is feeling pretty good and goes for a short walk and a hot tub everyday. Her latest set of scans show that the current treatment is continuing to work; there is now sign of disease progression. This is great news and she has now started on her sixth cycle of GDC-0032.

Hope everyone is having a great spring!

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13 Responses to Happy Birthday Lisa!

  1. Maureen Meehan says:

    A very Happy Birthday Lisa!!!! May all your wishes today come true! I’m elated to hear you are doing so good.

    Always in my heart and thoughts and boy to I miss you!


  2. Fr. Khachatur Kesabyan says:

    Happy Birthday Lisa!!! May God bless you on your birthday and everyday. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. On behalf of your church family, Der Hayr Khachatur

  3. Nancy stevens says:

    Have a wonderful birthday and mother’s day, Lisa!
    Love, Nancy

  4. Cathy Baglio says:

    Happy Birthday Lisa! Glad you are having such lovely weather for you birthday. It’s great to hear that your current treatment is going so well! That is such good news. It has been beautiful here for the past week, nearly 70. The garden is coming along, almost completely planted. I’m headed out to mow the lawn right mow. Jeff and I are going to Fort Collins next week to see Genny Rose and Greg. We haven’t seen them since last October so I’m pretty excited. I hope you have had a fabulous day full of surprises! Also, have a great Mother’s Day. We are thinking of you always. With much love, Cathy

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  5. Ed and Mary Ann says:

    Wish we had known it was your birthday when we talked yesterday.

    It was wonderful catching up and hearing you sounding stronger and doing so well.

    Enjoy your special day with your wonderful husband, Scott, and your beautiful two daughters.

    Happy Birthday!

    Mary Ann and Ed

  6. Thanks for the update Scott. All the best to everyone

  7. Neil says:

    Happy Birthday dear Lisa!!!! No sign of disease progression is a great present!

    Neil, Janice, and Anjali

  8. Judith Prager says:

    Happy Birthday Lisa – from Judith & John. So glad you’re doing so well! Hope to see you guys soon – perhaps even a drink on the deck tomorrow or Sunday? Love J&J

  9. Tim Schloemer says:

    Happy Birthday Lisa!
    It was great to see you last night and you looked great! Thanks for having Daniel over to hang out with Elena while Anna was at the dance.
    The nicer weather and hot tubs have their own healing power! Enjoy and keep making progress! We’re all cheering for you! Tim, Denise, Daniel and Elsa

  10. Annette Bollaert says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Lisa! Great news!

  11. Bob Anderson says:

    Happy (belated) birthday Lisa, and happy (belated) Mother’s day as well. Great news.


  12. danny McInnes says:

    belated happy birthday Lisa, lots of love from all in UK

  13. Lisa C. says:

    Hi Lisa! I hope you are continuing to feel better every day. Just got in touch with Carla Augelli. She lives in Prospect so we’re planning a get together. Let me know how you are doing Love Lisa C

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