T-DM1 Receives FDA Approval

On February 22, 2012, the FDA approved Kadcyla, formerly know as T-DM1, for treatment of patients with HER2 positive breast cancer. Kadcyla is new type of targeted cancer treatment known as an antibody conjugate. It combines the antibody trastuzamab (Herceptin) with the chemotherapy agent DM1. The main advantage of this type of treatment is that the chemotherapy agent is delivered directly to cancer cells leaving healthy cells unharmed, resulting in more effective treatment and far less side effects than standard chemotherapy.

As mentioned in previous posts, Lisa received T-DM1 as part of a Phase III clinical trial. This treatment worked well for six months before her disease began to progress once again. Six months without disease progression is a typical response for this drug. Six months may not seem like much, but in late stage cancers, it’s a huge number, which is why this is a big step forward in cancer treatments.

Here is a link to the Genentech press release:

Outside the Igloo

Outside the Igloo

Lisa is now in a Phase I clinical trial of another very promising new drug, GDC-0032. She is on day 17 of cycle 3 and is having a very good response. Her latest CT scans showed a 32% decrease in the parotid gland tumor and some of the lymph node tumors are no longer detectable! Lisa’s medical team was very excited with these results since the goal of the treatment is disease stability. To see disease regression is wonderful news.

So, we will stay the course. Lisa will continue taking GDC-0032 and enduring periodic scans to monitor the disease. She is feeling pretty good and taking fewer pain meds.

She even helped out with the igloo!

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6 Responses to T-DM1 Receives FDA Approval

  1. Ed and Mary Ann says:

    What wonderful and encouraging news….Loved the igloo video! Ed and Mary Ann

  2. Thanks Scott. What a cool video. Love the hair, love the gloo. Clearly, life is what you make of it. Best to all.

  3. Jacqueline Dubiel says:

    Great news, folks!! I am glad for you all. And, I love your igloo!!! That is awesome!! Love and prayers, Jackie

  4. That is awesome news about the new drug!!! Yea yea yea!!!!

  5. Jim Greer says:

    Great News about the new drug. Love the Igloo and the Flamingos!

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