Happy 2013!

Enjoying the fresh snow!

Enjoying the fresh snow!

And good riddance to 2012! With steadfast fortitude and an unrelenting, positive attitude, Lisa survived that brutal year. Thanks to her talented medical team and the efficacy of the cutting edge treatments she has started out 2013 feeling better and stronger every week.

Lisa is halfway through the second, 28-day cycle of her current chemo treatment, GDC-0032. She takes the medication everyday in pill form and, so far, she has not experienced any adverse side effects. More importantly, there is no sign of disease progression. In fact, the parotid glad tumors, which are the biggest worry at the moment, are causing less pain and appear to be shrinking.

The current treatment plan is to monitor disease progression with CT scans and continue GDC-0032.

Stay warm!

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5 Responses to Happy 2013!

  1. Wonderful! Here’s to a healthier 2013!

  2. Allen Hollander says:

    Thanks for sharing this good news Scott. All the best to all of you!

  3. Jackie Dubiel says:

    Thanks for the good news!! Wishing you all a Healthier 2013! Hugs!

  4. Bob Anderson says:

    That is very good news. here’s to a healthier and happier 2013.

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