T-DM1 Infusion Number III

Hitting a few!

Since Lisa’s last treatment, the drug T-DM1 has been getting a lot of positive press due to the encouraging results of the Emilia clinical trial reported at the recent meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology in Chicago. This is the same drug that Lisa is receiving. She is part of a new phase III clinical trial the results of which will be reported in a year or so.

For a very good, albeit rather dry, description of T-DM1, check out this YouTube video:

The New T-DM1 Breast Cancer Drug, An Oncologist’s Reaction


The clinical trial protocol requires frequent tests and scans to evaluate effectiveness. Therefore, Lisa had an echo-cardiogram and CT scans last Thursday. On Friday we met with her oncologist’s nurse practitioner to discuss the scan results before being approved for her third T-DM1 infusion.

The echo-cardiogram showed that her heart function (ejection fraction) has not been affected by the treatment and has actually improved a little.

The CT scans showed that her disease is “stable”, which means that it has not increased in size anywhere and there are no new disease sites. The tumors in her parotid glands continue to decrease in size.

These were the results that we had hoped for and she got the green light for her third infusion. Even though it was another long day at MGH, were back home in time to catch some of the US Open!

Lisa seems to have tolerated this treatment better than the previous two. Yesterday, she enjoyed watching the girls compete in the first horse show of the season. Then, later in the afternoon, we took her on a trip around the lake in the new paddle boat!

Her next treatment will be in three weeks. Enjoy the rest of June!

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5 Responses to T-DM1 Infusion Number III

  1. John Kerney says:

    That is terrific news. It makes my day! Hope that this makes summer vacation all the better and that you having some fun with the girls. Best to all, John

  2. terrythalhofer says:

    Sending our love and healing prayers from Taiwan,
    K and T

  3. Allen Hollander says:

    Thanks for sharing this good news! Also, good to see that Lisa’s keeping her head down when she takes her swing.

  4. Jackie Dubiel says:

    This is wonderful news, and makes me very happy!
    You’re swing looks very good! Continue to enjoy the summer and that boat and each other.
    Love and prayers,

  5. Michael Humphries says:

    This is great news! Makes the future much brighter. Now, to strive for a lower handicap.

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