T-DM1 Infusion Number II Tomorrow

Lisa & Max going for a ride!

Three weeks ago Lisa had her first T-DM1 infusion. After a few days of the typical chemo side effects, nausea, fatigue, etc., she began to feel better and has been feeling better ever since! The parotid gland, raisin-sized tumors, which you can feel just in front of her right ear, have noticeably decreased in size. Her appetite is getting back to normal and, along with that, she is getting stronger.

Last week I took her on a few golf cart rides around the lake to see the spring greenery. This week she felt good enough to drive herself while I jogged along side! She has also been feeling well enough to go along for the ride to school in the morning (1/2 hour each way). Yesterday’s ride back from school was extra special because of all the wildlife we saw along the way.

Lady Slippers

First, we saw a wild turkey cross the road and scamper into the woods. (This is not that unusual as we see typically see turkeys once or twice a week.) On the shore of a small pond, we saw three mother geese with about a dozen goslings. We braked for several squirrels and chipmunks. We stopped and rescued a small snapping turtle from the middle of the road. To top it all, we saw a horse come out of the woods and cross the road in front of us, but it wasn’t a horse! It was a moose! I should have figured that out right away, because we had just passed the Moose Crossing sign! That’s the first moose that Lisa has seen in the 8 years that we’ve lived here! (I’ve been lucky enough to 2 others before this one.)

Tomorrow we go to Mass General for Lisa’s second T-DM1 infusion.

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3 Responses to T-DM1 Infusion Number II Tomorrow

  1. Hi L,
    You are looking good, so glad you are feeling better…..I will in spirit be with you tomorrow, with all my love and prayers!

  2. Allen Hollander says:

    Thanks Marlin. Love that you saw a moose. Been living here since 1973. Saw one, once, from a far distance. Good luck on #2 infusion tom’w. Give Lisa a hug for me.

  3. Jackie Dubiel says:

    Glad to hear these happy tidings…..and best of luck with tomorrow. YOu look great in that golf cart, Lisa! And the moose sighting is great…..You continue to be in my prayers and please give Lisa a hug for me. Wishing you lollipops and rainbows.

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