WBRT – 14 Down, 0 to Go!

Lisa’s whole brain radiation therapy has ended! She had her fourteenth treatment today and you can only imagine how glad she is for it to be over. She no longer has to go into the treatment room with the robotic linear accelerator and have her head locked to the table with the mesh mask; the room that has eight-foot thick, concrete and lead walls; the room that has a 2.5 foot thick, 30,000 pound lead door.

She is through with that and she has her Certificate of Merit to prove it!

Unfortunately, after her last WBR treatment, she went back to hospital because her bowels are still not working properly, but there has been improvement. They started her on some soft food tonight (potato soup and ice cream) and if that goes well, then she might be back home for the weekend.

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3 Responses to WBRT – 14 Down, 0 to Go!

  1. Allen Hollander says:


  2. Deb says:

    I ditto Allen!

  3. Yay indeed! On the road to recovery, we’re pulling for you, Lisa!


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