Another Bump on Recovery Road

Yesterday, after a four-day home stay, Lisa was once again admitted to the hospital. This time it was for ileus, which is commonly called a bowel obstruction. There is a short section of her small intestines where normal peristalsis is impaired. The muscles in this section of her intestines are not working correctly and transport of intestinal contents past this point is being totally or partially hindered.

The treatment for this condition is bowel rest, which means she cannot have anything to eat or drink, except for a bit of water with her medication. After 2-3 days of rest the bowels usually start working properly again.

There are several things that cause this problem and two of the top ones are neurosurgery and pneumonia. Since she had both of those over the last couple months, I guess it’s not a surprise that this issue showed up.

She is feeling much better today than yesterday and even says that she is a little bit hungry. That is a good sign that things are clearing up. Later today or tomorrow they will start her on clear liquids and, if that goes well, more solid food.

Once she’s back to normal eating, this bump in the road will be behind us.

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3 Responses to Another Bump on Recovery Road

  1. Allen Hollander says:

    Thanks Scott. Hope this is a small and temporary bump!

  2. Idina says:

    Hang in there, Allens!

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