Back Home Again!

After a six-day stay in the hospital Lisa is back home! We arrived home around 6:30 PM on Thursday having driven for an hour and a half through the tail end of a 24-hour snowstorm.

Lisa was taken off of supplementary oxygen and intravenous antibiotics on Wednesday. Thursday her O2 levels remained normal even during the trip to her WBRT and her latest x-ray showed continued decrease in her lung infection. The bronchoscopy results confirmed that she has a form of pneumonia call pneumocystosis or PCP.

PCP is a yeast-like fungus that is specific to humans and is often found in the lungs of healthy people. It is an opportunistic pathogen that causes pneumonia in people with a weak immune system. It also occurs in people who have brain tumors and have been on anti-inflammatory steroid treatment. These conditions describe Lisa’s situation exactly.

She will continue on an oral antibiotic for about two weeks and that should totally clear up the problem. She is feeling much better and so glad to be out of the hospital. She feels that this little sidestep is behind her and she’s looking forward to next Wednesday when WBRT will be behind her too.

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4 Responses to Back Home Again!

  1. Idina says:

    Siobhan vs. The opportunistic pathogen. Pity the poor yeast! I’m so glad she is back home.

  2. Dee says:

    Bite it and kick it to the side babeee..
    you can do it!
    big smoochers

  3. Allen Hollander says:

    Terrific. Keep the trend going!

  4. Yeah! So happy to hear you are home!

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