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Waiting for Bronchoscopy Results; WBRT Resumed

Yesterday, Tuesday, Lisa had a successful bronchoscopy. They were able to get several samples from her lungs to analyze. The samples were sent out for various tests and we should have the first results back tomorrow. In the meantime, she … Continue reading

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Next Up, Bronchoscopy

Lisa is still in the hospital being treated for pneumonia and will most likely be there all week. She has been on intravenous and oral antibiotics since Friday night. Although she is feeling somewhat better, her oxygen levels are still … Continue reading

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What’s the Number for 911?

On Wednesday, after Lisa’s whole brain radiation treatment (WBRT), she went to the infusion unit for her scheduled Herceptin treatment. Herceptin is an injection that is used to treat her type of breast cancer. As always, in the preliminaries to … Continue reading

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Whole Brain Radiation Treatment – 3 Down, 11 To Go

For the last 3 years, Lisa has been on a chemotherapy regiment that has kept her cancer in check throughout her body. Well, everywhere but her brain. The brain has a marvelous mechanism called that blood brain barrier which keeps … Continue reading

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Update on Lisa’s Status: Week 5

Five weeks ago, Lisa underwent emergency neurosurgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor from her cerebellum. The tumor had pinched shut her fourth ventricle causing a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in her brain. Without the surgery she would have fallen … Continue reading

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Hair today…

Six years and six months ago, I cut off all of Lisa’s hair. She wanted me to. She wanted to be the one in control of when she lost her hair. Certain chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss (alopecia). Alopecia is … Continue reading

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Slight rough patch

Lisa’s recovery hit a slight rough patch yesterday when she came down with the Norovirus that is going around. She was fine yesterday morning around 8 AM, but by 9 stomach pain started hitting her hard. As the morning wore … Continue reading

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