The New Mattress

Thank you everyone for all your prayers, positive thoughts, and healing energies you have been sending Lisa’s way. They must be working because Lisa is out of the hospital and recovering at home. She is still very weak and bit unsteady on her feet as she navigates about the house, but she continues to improve everyday. I like to think that part of her improvement is due to the new mattress.

(The rest of this post does not focus on Lisa directly, but on events that swirled about her as she lay in the hospital bed.)

Ten nights ago, Lisa was wheeled into the operating room. The surgery was estimated to last at least four hours. In a daze, the girls and I trudged to a nearby hotel to spend the night. Our room was number 1414, which we took as a good omen since the girls are both 14.

At 5:50 AM, a fitful few hours of sleep later, the surgeon called to say that everything went well and Lisa doing as well as could be expected. We sat with her in the ICU for awhile, but since she wasn’t expected to come out from under the anesthesia for several hours, we headed for home to pick up enough items to stay the weekend.

During the drive home it dawned on me that someone recovering from brain surgery would not want to sleep on a waterbed. Well, they might want to sleep on one, but would soon find out very quickly that it was a bad idea. The time had come to retire our 25 year old waterbed for one of those bed you can jump on with out spilling your wine. I pulled into the nearest Sleepy’s, ran inside, and started jumping on mattresses. I didn’t have my  glass of wine, because I left it in the car. (Uncle Eric gets credit for that joke.) After 20 minutes or so I had a mattress ordered and free delivery scheduled for Friday.

Having the mattress arrive Friday was important, because the earliest estimate that the neurosurgeon could give me for Lisa leaving the hospital was Saturday. On Tuesday, we got a call from Sleepy’s delivery department saying that delivery might be delayed due to bad weather. I immediately called Sleepy’s and they assured me that delivery would take place on Friday between 10 and 2. They were partially correct.

Thursday night, Lisa was moved from the ICU to a regular room in the Neurological Unit. After visiting Lisa in the morning, I left MGH in time to be home around 11AM promising to be back as soon as possible. Uncle Eric was at the house standing by, in case, if by some miracle, the delivery truck actually got there by 10AM.

Just after 10, I get a call from Eric saying that the delivery truck had almost arrived. Unfortunately, it was broadside across the road about 1/4 mile from the house. Like the golf cart scene in Austin Powers, the back of the truck was against a tree on one side of the road and the front of the truck against the snowbank on the other.

To be fair to the driver, the road was extremely slippery; solid ice covered with about an inch of snow. Neighbors who came out to help, said that they had never seen the road this bad. More than one person landed on their back just trying to walk down the road. I arrived about 45 minutes later and promptly got stuck too. The road was so icy that three of us managed to push my car sideways out of the way.

We convinced the delivery guys to help us put the mattress on the roof of our SUV and we would finish the delivery. Back at the house, Eric and I wrestled the mattress off the car and slid it down to the house. We drained and dismantled the waterbed, put the new mattress in place, added clean sheets and bedding, and started back to Boston. By this time the Sleepy’s truck was nowhere to be seen.

All this effort was worth it. The next day, when Lisa was finally, gratefully, thankfully home in bed, she couldn’t believe it when I jumped on the bed beside her and she didn’t feel a thing. And she didn’t spill her wine. The wine was still in the car.

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