Next Goal Accomplished!

As you know from my previous pithy post, Lisa was presented her promenade papers! After a five hour brain surgery, six days in the ICU, and two days in the Neurological Unit, we wheeled Lisa out of MGH and headed for home.

During the couple of days in the Neurological Unit, Lisa showed the doctors and the physical therapists that she could get around well enough to go home. As is to be expected, considering that the cerebellum was involved, moving her head too fast causes dizziness. However, she proved that, using a walker, she could get out of bed and walked up and down the corridors. With help, she could walk up and down stairs. To test her cognitive skills, they would ask her, “What is the date, who is the president.”, etc. Finally she said, “I’m going to get all of you a calendar and, anyway, don’t you know that the date is written on the wall right behind you?”

On Saturday morning, after another physical therapy evaluation of walking up and down the halls and climbing stairs and a final visit from the attending neurologist, they told us that they didn’t see any reason to keep in the hospital any longer. Two hours later, Ana, Elena, Uncle Eric, and I helped Lisa get into the car for the ride home. Uncle Eric headed to Logan Airport for a flight home to Oregon.

I cannot give my brother Eric a big enough shout-out for all his help and support during this extremely tough week. (And a shout-out to his wife and son for loaning him out for the week!) When he heard about Lisa situation, he jumped on a plane and showed up in Boston, and said, “What can I do.”

What he did was take care of Ana and Elena, the house, and the pets all week, allowing me to stay in Boston to be with Lisa and to keep abreast of her situation. Thanks Eric, we’re eternally grateful to you for coming to the rescue.

Although the two hours drive home was a bit tricky with the constant snowfall, getting Lisa down the 30-foot, snow-covered path from the garage to the house was the real concern. A huge thank-you goes out to our neighbors, Dave and Ralph, who helped support and guide Lisa down this last slippery slope of getting her home.

And into her new bed…

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