ICU: Day 6, The Escape

When they clamped the EVD (External Ventricular Drain) yesterday, they also took a CT scan of Lisa’s brain. (They actually have a portable CT scanner just for the head that they brought into the room. Who knew they had these things! ) This morning they took a comparative CT scan.

We waited all morning and afternoon before we finally heard that Lisa could be moved out of ICU. Her ICP (Intra Cranial Pressure) readings were a little higher than the doctors like and the second CT scan showed a slight increase in cranial-spinal fluid, but not worrisome enough to keep her in the ICU. The order was given and her EVD was removed around 7PM. (Ask her about getting three sutures in her head without any numbing agent.)

After six days in the intensive care unit, Lisa was finally unhooked from all the tubes, wires, and monitors and moved to a regular room. It took until 9PM before she was finally settled into her new room in the Neurological Unit in the state-of-the-art, brand-new Lunder building.

The next goal is to get her home. In order to do that, she has to be able to stand up and get around by herself with the aid of a walker. She took a little walk today with a walker and a physical therapist for support. She needs to move very slowly and carefully in order to avoid dizziness. She also has a fair bit of pain and fatigues easily.

Speaking of fatigue, sleep tight!


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4 Responses to ICU: Day 6, The Escape

  1. Terry says:

    We send our cross country love and blessings…K and T.

  2. John Kerney says:

    Scott – Thanks for doing this. Delighted to hear of Lisa’s progress. It is great to hear that she is untethered and out of the ICU, and I am only sorry that she is still in such discomfort. Hopefully that will get better each day. Please let Lisa know that we are all thinking of and cheering for her at Winchendon. John

  3. Idina Holden says:

    Thanks for the updates, Scott. All our thoughts and prayers are with you. Big hug to Siobhan!

  4. Dee says:

    Lot’s of sweetness love and light coming your way siobhan!!!!
    Bless you beautiful woman,tough times make us stronger my friend..
    you are gonna be the strongest woman I know and admire:)

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