Plans of a Family Evening at Home

Lisa spent all day Thursday and Thursday night in St. Joseph hospital, Nashua NH.  They gave her intravenous meds to reduce the pain and, more importantly, reduce the swelling caused by the tumors, and thereby reduce her pain even more. She was feeling much better on Friday morning. Our local oncologist said that if she still felt better taking only oral medication then she could go home for the weekend and we’d finalize the plan of attack on Monday.

During the day, our local oncologist consulted with our Mass General (MGH) oncologist in Boston and he also overnighted the MRI images to MGH. We were told that the standard procedure for this type of metastasis is to perform whole brain radiation and then targeted radiation. The exact treatment would be determined once MGH had a chance to see the images, but the assumption was that whole brain radiation would start early next week.

I left the hospital at 1 PM on Friday in order to pick up the girls from school and then the three of us headed back to the hospital to pick up Lisa and take her home for the weekend. (This took nearly four hours due to an unexpected snowstorm!)

Around 3 PM, while still driving back to pick up Lisa, our MGH nurse practitioner called and she said that the MRI images were currently being reviewed by the multi-disciplinary team of doctors at MGH, but she concurred that by Monday a treatment plan would be in place.

We arrived safely at the hospital. Lisa was doing much better, so our local oncologist gave her the go ahead to go home for the weekend. We checked her out of the hospital and headed for home. (Luckily, the snow had stopped.) We planned on having a quite Friday family evening at home.


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