The Thing You Fear The Most

Imagine a time in the future when there is the ultimate medical diagnostic scanner. You go to the doctor for your annual checkup. She has you walk through this machine, which can diagnose every possible medical problem. You go through the scanner; you sit down; you wait while the doctor looks over the results.

What would you consider to be the thing you fear the most that machine would find?

“I’m sorry, but you have __<the thing you fear the most>__.”

If the thing you fear the most is a brain tumor, then your worst fear just became Lisa’s reality. Actually, its worse than that since she has at least two brain tumors.

Over the past couple weeks Lisa has been having an occasional sever headache. Today it was especially bad, so we went to the hospital and they performed an MRI. The MRI results showed one 6mm tumor in the vision center and a 1.5 inch tumor in her balance center.

She is spending the night in the hospital so they can reduce the swelling, caused by the tumors, which results in the headache. These types of tumors are treated with radiation to stop the growth and drugs to reduce the swelling and drugs to reduce pain. Tomorrow we will discuss treatment options in detail. Lisa can come home once the pain is under control. That could be tomorrow or a couple of days.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

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One Response to The Thing You Fear The Most

  1. Scott,

    Please check the email I sent with a heavy heart.
    Give the girls a Maureen hug…
    Always here and will remain strong for all of you.

    With so much love and prayers,

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